Why Google Drive Not Syncing to PC

User Query:- “I am facing trouble while syncing Google Drive and PC with each other and that’s why I am unable to back up my crucial data. There are various files and folders on my G Drive that are not synced to my PC. I just want to migrate all data to my PC or local system to create some space in my G Drive. There are only 1600 files that are synced, the remaining 1900 files are left as they are showing migration errors. Therefore, I am looking for a solution to move Google Drive Folder to External Drive.” 

Till now, many users have complained about Google Drive not syncing all documents or files between Google Drive and computers. In this upcoming blog, we will go through the various reasons why users are unable to sync Google Drive to Computer with numerous solutions regarding it. In addition, you can simply use an efficient tool such as Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator to copy files from Google Drive to PC.

Why There is a Need to Sync Google Drive to Computer?

If you also face the obstacle of Google Drive not syncing all files then some possible reasons are given below:

  • If your network connection is poor then it leads to a sync interruption.
  • If your Google Drive’s storage is running out, you won’t be able to sync your G Drive’s data or upload new files to it.
  • Many users work in an offline mode and want to sync their files to G drive, but it is not possible to do so.

Here, you have seen that we discussed what are the various reasons behind Google Drive not syncing.

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How to Resolve the Google Drive Sync Issue to External/Hard Drive?

In this part, we will be going to discuss the numerous methods to resolve the problem. Firstly, we will do by manually, and then, we will go through the professional method by using the third-party tool.

  • Resume Backup by doing Syncing
  • Connect your Google Drive and Computer for Syncing.
  • Transfer Files from Google Drive to External Hard Drive By using Proxy Settings
  • To check the space in G Drive.
  • Disable Access to the User
  • Check the File Size
  • Check whether Synced Files are not shown in Cloud
  • Download Google Drive Data to your PC by using an automated tool

Method 1: Resume Backup by doing Syncing

  1. First, Open your Google Drive on your Local system.
  2. Then go to your Settings option.
  3. Click on the Resume Syncing.
    Google Drive Not Syncing to PC

Here, we have done this method successfully by synchronization. After that, you can see your Google Drive is Synced.

Method 2: Connect your Google Drive and Computer for Syncing

  1. Again Open Google Drive on your PC.
  2. Then, Choose Preferences.
  3. After that, click on the My Laptop > Add Folder > Sync with Google Drive.

In the end, you can effortlessly see that your G Drive has been synchronized with your PC.

Method 3: How to Transfer Google Drive to External hard drive By Using Proxy Settings?

  1. After opening Google Drive, then go to the Preferences Option.
  2. On your screen, click on the Settings Icon.
  3. Now, scroll down your mouse and click on the Proxy Settings button.Google Drive Not Syncing to PC

As a result, you can easily set up your Google Drive sync setting by using a Proxy.

Method 4: To Check the Storage Space in G Drive

Google Drive provides free storage of 15 GB space. If the user uses more G Drive to save and back up their crucial information such as Photos, Gmail, YouTube, Docs, etc., it leads to running out of space from it. If your Drive does not have enough space, you can’t do the synchronization process.

Method 5: Disable Access to the User

When the user tries to configure a file without access, then you cannot able to complete the synchronization in your G Drive. In such a case, you have to take access or permission from the owner.

Method 6: Check the File Size

There are some limitations while uploading files or documents in the Cloud as follows:

  1. Users are not allowed to upload more than 200 Megabytes or 150 Megapixels as a file size.
  2. They cannot upload videos larger than 10 Gigabytes.
  3. And the main limitation is that the files would not be smaller than 256 x 256 pixels.

Method 7: Check Whether Configured Files are not shown in Cloud

If the files and folders are deleted from the trash, they will not be synchronized with the version of the PC to Google Drive. In this scenario, you have to save these files at the original location of the cloud and this will be started syncing.

What are the Limitations of Performing the Manual Method?

  • It requires a basic piece of knowledge regarding Google Drive as well as Sync.
  • This method is very complex and too time-consuming.
  • Every user cannot understand each step of the manual method without expertise.

In this section, we discussed all methods which have been done manually. Now, we will go through the professional method. Let’s get started.

Method 8: Google Drive not syncing Using Professional Tool

Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator Tool is the most reliable and trustworthy wizard that aids in migrating all your personal data such as files, documents, videos, audio, etc. from Google Drive to a Local Hard Drive. They can easily take backups of G Drive on their External Hard Drives. The free demo version of this software is valid if you migrate to 20 MB of the file. This utility is highly compatible with all versions of Windows OS including Windows 11. There is a feature where you can directly preview your data before the migrating process.

Working of the Professional Tool:

  1. First, Install and Run the software on your local screen.
  2. After launching the tool, Go to the Next button.Google Drive Not Syncing to PC
  3. Make sure to Add Google Drive Account.
  4. Now, select the items where you want to migrate from your Google Drive.Google Drive Not Syncing to PC
  5. Here, you can also choose the various features, if needed.Google Drive Not Syncing to PC
  6. Select the destination path where you want to transfer your data to G Drive.

Wind up

Here, we come to the end of this blog. We had a discussion on what are the reasons behind Google Drive not syncing. In addition, we also go through the various methods to transfer files from Google Drive to External Hard Drive. The first seven methods are done manually and the remaining are done by third-party software. From a user’s point of view, I must suggest you go with the professional method as it is a very simple and direct method. But make sure to choose the specific method in which you are easily comfortable.

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