Undecember, The Much-Hyped Hack-And-Slash RPG From LINE Games, Is Now Available Worldwide

Undecember, the slick-looking action-RPG from publisher LINE Games, is out now on PC and mobile.

For the uninitiated, Undecember is a Diablo-esque hack-and-slasher with some truly eye-popping, headline-grabbing presentation.

The most recent of those headlines came last week, when Undecember stole the show at Steam Next Fest.

The game sees you playing as a Rune Hunter in the fantasy world of Traum. Here’s some backstory to get you in the mood.

A long time ago, 12 celestial beings created Traum and shared it with their mortal descendants. But then a 13th celestial being called Serpens showed up and started making trouble.

The only way for the gods to vanquish Serpens was for them to return en masse to the void, leaving their Runes behind. Now you have to use those Runes to ensure that Serpens doesn’t return to Traum and resume his mischief.

In practice, that means killing monsters. Lots and lots of monsters.

Undecember has drawn a lot of praise for its crisp, pin-sharp 3D graphics, but there’s a lot more to it than just good looks.

For one thing, it’s fully cross-platform, with support for every type of controller imaginable. Mobile gamers using touchscreens can take on PC gamers armed with keyboards and mice. Or everybody can just use controllers.

For another, Undecember boasts a unique classless growth system. Instead of choosing a class when you create your character, and then being constrained by that choice for the rest of the game, you can combine Rune skills and Gear however you like.

Undecember has a huge story campaign made up of ten distinct Acts. Plus, there are Chaos Dungeon, Void Rift, and Spire of Barrier modes, and a ton of co-op Raids, so you’ll never run out of stuff to do.

LINE Games is running an event to mark the launch of Undecember, consisting of daily login rewards and special missions.

That means now is the best time to start playing. You can download Undecember for free right now on Google Play, the App Store, or Steam.

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