Tesla Books TSMC to Produce 4nm SoCs for Cars: Report

TSMC has landed orders from Tesla to make chips for the automaker at its Arizona fab, a report by DigiTimes claims. The foundry will reportedly produce Tesla’s advanced self-driving chips on one of its N4 (4nm-class) fabrication processes starting in 2024. Previously Tesla used Samsung Foundry to make the chips for autonomous driving.

Tesla will reportedly be one of the first and one of the largest customers for TSMC’s Fab 21 in Arizona. While the report vaguely indicates that Tesla plans to make ‘advanced self-driving chip’ at N4, it does not disclose which system-on-chip (or SoCs, in plural) it is going to be. While guessing is not exactly good business, it is highly likely that Tesla will use TSMC’s services to make its next generation Full Self-Driving Hardware 4 SoC. 

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