Steam Next Fest Gives You Dozens Of Demos To Try

Try To Find Some Free Time This Week

The Steam Next Fest has arrived again, with a huge list of soon to be available games offering limited demos so you can take a peek before buying.  Many of the developers are also streaming game play so that you can watch someone play for you, and get some details on the game as a whole if you prefer a more laid back experience.  There are a huge amount of them to go through, from major titles to indie releases.

If you would like a guided tour then check out the 16 games which Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN enjoyed or you can dive right into the list.  Two of the games which on the list are certainly worth trying, backers have had access to closed betas of the System Shock remake and Xenonauts 2 for a while, and now you can see how they have developed for yourself.  Darkest Dungeon 2 also has a demo, if you like watching your party devolve into madness due to what they’ve seen on their adventures.

Check out the Steam Next Fest and see which ones deserve a place on your wish list.

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