Pudu Robotics brings in over $15M in C3 round

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Two white serving robots with three black shelves and a screen with eyes.

Pudu Robotics’ recently upgraded PuduBot 2. | Source: Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robotics announced that it brought in over $15 million in Series C3 funding. The round was exclusively invested by Puhua Capital, with Taihecap continuing to serve as the exclusive financial advisor. 

Pudu Robotics’ current lineup of robots includes the PuduBot, PuduBot 2, BellaBot, KettyBot, HolaBot and SwiftBot, which are all for indoor deliveries, the Flashbot for outdoor deliveries, PUDU CC1 and PUDU SH1 for cleaning and its disinfection robot the Puductor 2. 

The company plans to use the latest round of funding to build a new production base, expanding its production capacity. Pudu Robotics also hopes to develop more products for commercial cleaning scenarios. 

Recently, Pudu Robotics has been focusing on growing its impact globally. The company currently has a presence in 600 cities in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The cumulative global shipments of all Pudu robots exceeds 56,000 units, with over 80% of sales currently coming from overseas markets. 

To get its robots into more industries, Pudu has partnered with many well-known brands, including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Merriott, Hilton, Shell plc, MediaMarkt and Accenture. Pudu’s robots are at work in catering businesses, hotels, shopping malls, convenience stores and office buildings.

In Poland, Shell is using the BellaBot and KettyBot to greet customers, inform them of promotional campaigns and assist with order delivery in its automated service station. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the company’s robots are at work in Media Market, a European electronics retailer. It has robots in McDonald’s in Slovenia, Nevins Newfield Inn in Ireland and in a photography and videography studio in Italy.

In fact, in August, the company announced that its service robots are being used in over 50 businesses and brands across Europe. Pudu hopes to continue this strategy of getting its robots into as many industries as possible in 2023.

Pudu Robotics’ last funding round totaled $155 million and closed in August 2021. Investors in that round included Meituan, Shenzhen Investment Holdings, Sierra Capital China and more. 

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