Intel Selling RGB Arc Alchemist Mousepad to Celebrate its GPUs

If you’re a fan of Intel’s Arc GPUs, you’ll love this new accessory. Intel is selling a new Arc-inspired RGB mousepad (via its Intel store) that can fit under both your keyboard and mouse. The mousepad measures 36.5 x 15.5′ (930 x 400mm) and is made of a soft fabric designed for all mice sensitivities and optics. A USB-C port powers the RGB lighting.

The mousepad’s color theme is the same as Intel’s Arc GPUs, featuring a pink and blue color combination. Its graphics feature two very bright RGB halos, one complete and one not complete. The right one is a complete ring representing where your mouse should be located, while the other is just for show, being a much larger halo that protrudes beyond the edges of the mousepad, so only a part of the ring is visible.

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