Intel Preps Two 13th Gen Raptor Lake Black Edition CPUs

Intel’s 13th Generation Raptor Lake family, which has several members among the best CPUS, will soon welcome two new members. Sadly, the Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F may not be available in the U.S. market. Both chips have already emerged in Intel documents (opens in new tab); however, they haven’t found their way into Intel’s ARK database, so their launch date is still up in the air.

With Alder Lake, Intel released the Core i5-12490F, a “Black Edition” gaming processor exclusive to the Chinese market. The Core i5-13490F is the direct successor to the Core i5-12490F, whereas the Core i7-13790F is a new addition since a Core i7-12790F has never existed. However, like the Core i5-12490F, the Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F are likely “Black Edition” chips because they come in black boxes as opposed to the typical blue Intel box, and Intel doesn’t include a stock cooler. Furthermore, being F-series chips, the Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F lack integrated graphics, so pairing them with a discrete graphics card is a must.

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