How to implement Aadhaar Data Vault without using HSM based tokenization?

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) assigns residents of India a 12-digit unique identifying number called an Aadhaar (UIDAI). The 12-digit number is a random one that UIDAI has generated. Aadhaar is described by UIDAI as a strategic policy tool that may be used to build out public-sector welfare schemes and programs as well as serve as a primary identifier for social and financial inclusion. 

The significance of Aadhaar cannot be overstated: it includes the data of billions of people, and the security of this data and the system as a whole is a major issue. To resolve the issue According to the UIDAI circular, all Aadhaar-related data must be encrypted with a Reference Key and kept in the Aadhaar Data Vault. 

A centralized Aadhaar Data Vault solution should have the following major elements as per UIDAI: 

Data Vault:

A single data repository that stores the encrypted Aadhaar number, hash value, and Reference Key number in a secure manner. 


Using the tokenization process, each Aadhaar Number must be represented by a “Reference Key.” For each Aadhaar number, a specific software creates a random token (known as a Reference Key). The Tokenization Manager collects sensitive data at its point of input, encrypts it, saves it in the Data Vault, and generates a Reference Key for it. 

FIPS 140-2 HSM and Key Management:

All of the operations that are utilized to create, store, distribute, archive, and remove master keys, as well as key versioning and auto rotation of encryption keys, are performed without any downtime within the HSM appliance. 

There should be a need for all data saved in the Aadhaar Data Vault to be encrypted, and the encryption keys should only be kept separate in a hardware security module (HSM). Centralized key management should be developed to consistently protect the keys throughout their lifecycle and ensure that they do not get lost, stolen, or compromised in any other way. 

Aadhaar Data Vault

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HSMs are available in a variety of forms, depending on how they are implemented, made accessible to other applications, the functionality they offer, and the required throughput or transactions per second. 

The simplest type of HSM is a card HSM, which only offers key storage and encryption/signing capabilities. The card HSM functions similarly to a graphics card that can be added to a computer and used by the software that is already there. The most affordable HSM is the card HSM. 

You must buy a network HSM if you wish to utilize the HSM in several apps that are deployed on various machines. The network HSM is a specialized machine that is put in the data center and made available to the other application through an SDK. This is more expensive than the card HSM, regardless of throughput. The HSM can get considerably more expensive if you require tokenization features. Tokenization-enabled models often cost more than base models.  

Software-based tokenization options are available for organizations who don’t want to use HSM-based tokenization. To use Aadhaar data vault without HSM-based tokenization, organizations can use HSM for key storage and tokenization through software solutions. We offer a cost-effective, UIDAI-mandated solution for securing Aadhaar-related data. 

About CryptoBind Aadhaar Data Vault: 

Aadhaar Data Vault by CryptoBind guarantees strict adherence to UIDAI regulations and high data security. In order to integrate Aadhaar Data Vault inside of your organization, CryptoBind provides the whole software suite. The program exposes a SOAP/REST API that can be used to safely and conveniently store the Aadhaar number, and it links Aadhaar data into the Aadhaar Data Vault using the UIDAI-mandated Tokenization mechanism. Encryption of the database and HSM integration are included in the package to secure data. 

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