How to Fix Overheating Phone? – 7 Effective Fixes

Most Smartphone users at some point in their life deal with overheating phone issues. This mainly happens during gaming or while using some heavy apps. But if your phone is getting hot frequently, it can be a serious issue.  

So, today in this blog we are going to discuss the reasons that lead to phone overheating, how to fix overheating phone, and ways to cool the phone fast.

Is Phone Heating Normal?

The temperature ranging from 30-45°C (86-113°F) is considered normal. Although, this can vary depending on the device and its usage. But generally, it is considered normal for a smartphone to become warm while in use.

However, if your phone is overheating persistently and reaching temperatures above 45°C (113°F), it is a sign of a serious problem and needs to be taken care of immediately.

Reasons Why Your Android Phone Gets Hot

As said above continuous usage of phone can cause overheating problems. However, there are other reasons responsible for an overheating phone. Below we have listed some of the common ones.

  • Overcharging
  • Playing games or streaming videos for long hours.
  • Exposure to high temperatures.
  • High Display brightness
  • Multiple running applications
  • Active Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, etc for a long duration.

How to Fix Overheating Phone?

To fix overheating issues on Android phones, avoid playing games for a long duration, stop using phone in direct sunlight, adjust your phone brightness, or close background running applications.

Check out the below-listed fixes to resolve overheating phone problems:

Fix 1: Use the Official Charger

The main reason behind the overheated phone is overcharging. Also, in most cases, using a common charger to charge your phone can cause your device to heat up. So, the first thing here we suggest you do not overcharge your phone and always use the official charger that comes with your phone kit.

how to stop Android phone from overheating

It is always recommended to charge the phone up to 80%. Full or overcharging can cause overheating and later results in damaging your phone.

Fix 2: Remove the Phone Case

how to stop Android phone from overheating

It might possible that your phone case is trapping the heat and which is why your phone is getting overheated. The insulated material of the case prevents it from radiating the heat away and because of this, your phone gets too hot. So, in such a case, removing the case can fix the overheating problem on your phone.

By removing the case, the trapped heat will substitute with the cold air and cools down your phone.

Fix 3: Avoid Using Phone in Direct Sunlight

fix overheating issue on Android

If you are using the phone in direct sunlight, you may face overheating phone issues. Therefore, here it is suggested to avoid using phone in sunlight.

Also, using the phone in high-temperature surroundings can also cause the device to heat up. So, always make sure not to use your phone in high-temperature surroundings.

Fix 4: Adjust Your Display Brightness

Another reason that causes your Android phone to heat up is high Display brightness. High display brightness consumes more battery and causes overheating problems. By lowering your screen brightness, you can reduce the amount of heat generated and also minimize the strain on the battery.

Here’s how you can reduce your screen brightness:

  • Open the Settings on your phone.
  • Next, go to the Display & brightness option.
  • Here, adjust the brightness level to low.

fix overheating issue on Android

  • You can also turn on the Auto-Brightness This will adjust the brightness based on the surrounding ambient.

Note: [Low-setting brightness can help you prevent overheating and extend your phone’s battery life.]

Fix 5: Close Unnecessary Background Applications

Having too many applications running in the background at the same time can consume your phone’s maximum resources by slowing it down. This can further cause overheating issues on your phone. So here, by closing all the unused background applications, you can free up the resources and speed up your Android phone’s performance.

Follow the below steps to close background running apps:

  • Click on the App switcher (three horizontal lines or burger) icon.
  • Next, click the App preview and swipe up or left to close it.

fix overheating issue on Android

  • Repeat this same process to close all the running background applications.

Note: [Above steps may vary depending on the device model or version.]

Fix 6: Turn Off Unused Features

Specific features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS can generate heat and cause overheating issues. Therefore, it is suggested to turn off these features when not in use. Disabling these features can reduce the heat generated and cools down your phone.

Below are the steps to do so:

  • Drag the Home screen from top to bottom to view the Shortcut menu.
  • Next, look for the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location icons.

fix overheating issue on Android

  • If turned on, click on the icons to turn them off.

Note: [Always check for these features and turn them off when not in use to prevent battery drainage and extend the phone’s battery life.]

Fix 7: Get Professional Help

If after trying all the above solutions your phone continues to overheat, it might possible that there is any hardware damage. If such is the case, you need to get professional help.

Contact any nearest service center and get your device physically inspected by a technical professional. If your device is not under warranty, this can cost you heavily.

How Overheating Can Damage Your Phone?

If your phone is repeatedly exposed to heat, it can cause severe damage to your phone. Below are some of the major damages that are caused due to overheated phone.

To prevent overheating, it’s important to avoid using the phone for extended periods in direct sunlight, avoid charging the phone overnight, and avoid using the phone while it’s charging.

  • Physical Damage- If your phone frequently gets heated, it can result in damaging your device hardware. Extreme heat can impact your phone’s internal components such as warping or melting.
  • Battery drainage or leakage- Overheating can also affect your battery’s lifespan. It causes battery degradation which leads to shorter battery life. It can also cause battery leakage which can potentially put your personal safety in danger.
  • Data Loss or corruption- Excess overheating can might lead to data corruption or damage on your phone.
  • Slows down your phone- Excessive phone heating can slow down your phone’s performance, making it almost difficult to use or operate.
  • Shorten phone’s lifespan- Repeatedly overheating can results in reducing the overall lifespan of the phone by damaging its internal or external parts.

How Can You Cool Down Your Phone?

If your phone is experiencing excessive overheating, try the below suggestions to cool down your phone:

  • Reduce resource-intensive tasks: Reduce activities that is using a lot of battery and processing power such as video playback, gaming, and data-intensive tasks.
  • Switch off your device- If your phone is getting hot than normal, turn off your phone and allow it to cool down completely.
  • Remove the case: In case, you are using a phone case or cover, remove it to dissipate the heat.
  • Take out the battery: If your battery is overheating, take the battery out of the phone and place it on a cooler surface to cool it down.
  • Remove phone from high-temperature surroundings: If you left your phone in direct sunlight or high temperature surrounding, remove it and place it on a cooler surface.
  • Use low power mode or brightness: Adjust your screen brightness or power mode to low in order to consume less battery and cools down your phone.
  • Disable unused features & applications: Disable unnecessary running applications or unused features in the background.
  • Vent the heat off your phone: Use a fan or third-party cooling apps such as Cooling Master, CPU Cooler, Phone Cooler, etc to vent heat off your phone. These apps also monitor the temperature of your phone and notify you when the device gets heated above normal temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can overheating damage your phone?

The answer to this question is Yes. Extreme temperature can impact your phone components badly. This can further reduce your phone lifespan.

How to fix a hot battery?

If you notice that your phone battery is overheating, immediately remove it from your phone and place it in a cool surface to vent heat. Once cooled down, recycle the battery at any nearest Batteries Plus.

Final Verdict

So, this is all about overheating phone problems. Now, that you know the reasons leading your phone to overheat, try out the above fixes as per the requirement to fix overheating problems.

I hope, we had well answered your question on how to fix overheating phone with this extensive guide. In case having any queries or doubts, ask us on Twitter.

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