Canon explores haptic feedback to replace the sounds your camera makes

Your next camera might have a vibrating shutter button for truly silent shooting.


Canon’s latest concept could provide haptic feedback through the shutter button to allow for silent shooting without the need for artificial sounds.

The idea is that the shutter button can vibrate when autofocus is locked on and also simulate the feeling of a shutter click. So, in situations where silence is paramount, the photographer has all the information they need without the usual beeps and boops that come along with it.


There are plenty of situations where this would come in handy, golf tournaments and wildlife shooting are good examples, where an ill-timed camera click can ruin the moment.

This idea makes even more sense when you think about the fact that almost all of Canon’s lineup is now centred around mirrorless bodies, all of which are capable of silent shooting – except, of course, if you want autofocus confirmation.

The news comes after a patent application was discovered by Canon Watch, which details how the haptic motor would operate.

Canon Haptic Patent


“Since the silent shutter camera is almost silent, when the user operates the release button to take a picture, it is difficult to determine whether or not the image has been reliably recorded,” the translated patent reads.

“In order to address this problem, a configuration has been disclosed in which the release button is vibrated so that only the user can perceive the shooting operation while suppressing the camera shooting sound,” it continues.

However, whether this patent makes it to an actual product, remains to be seen. Canon files a lot of patents, this was one of three discovered by Canon Watch on January 20 alone.

That said, Canon isn’t afraid to experiment, as evidenced by the weird touch bar on the Canon EOS R and the unusual rear dial on the EOS R7.

This one makes so much sense that we’d be surprised if it wasn’t put into action, in fact, we’re surprised we haven’t seen something like this sooner.

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