Best SSDs 2022: SATA, NVMe, and Add-in Cards

Of the key components in any PC, the storage drive is slowest: transferring bits in a fraction of the time your CPU and GPU take to process it or your RAM takes to load it. A poor-performing storage drive often leads to a big bottleneck, forcing your processor (even if it’s one of the best CPUs for Gaming) to waste clock cycles as it waits for data to crunch. And for those on the hunt for the Best SSD for the PS5, be sure to head to that link for our recommendations based on our exhaustive testing.  

Finding the best SSD or solid-state drive for your specific system and needs is key if you want the best gaming PC or laptop, or even if you just want a snappy productivity machine. To find the best SSDs for gaming and productivity, we test dozens of drives each year and highlight the best ones here. We’ve also added a best SSD for NAS category to help you determine the best drive for your bulk storage needs. 

Picking the Best SSD for You

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