Automatically Deleting a Failed CloudFormation Stack in a Rollback State | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | Oct, 2022

ACM.92 Reducing manual actions to get things deployed with CloudFormation

This is a continuation of my series on Automating Cybersecurity Metrics.

I’m just writing this because I’m tired of deleting stacks in a rolled back state. I don’t know why CloudFormation doesn’t do this for you or have better options to control it. Here’s what I did:

The first command above does the following:

  • Describe the stack
  • Get the status value
  • Added or true (|| true) to ignore errors
  • Added 2>/dev/ null to not print out errors — — something I generally tell people not to do but in this case it makes sense.

The next command checks if the stack is in a ROLLBACK_COMPLETE state and deletes the stack if it is. I’m presuming here you waited for your rollback to complete before trying to redeploy a stack. 🙂

Now the problem is…the stack is still trying to delete. We have to wait until it gets into a state where we can proceed, or it could end up in a failure state of some kind. The easiest thing to do is probably wait until the stack is not in this state: DELETE_IN_PROGRESS.

Since I now have to check the status multiple times, using the principal of abstraction I’ve written about many times in this blog, I moved the status check to it’s own function. I also realized that I needed the /dev/null in a different place to prevent getting the error message when the stack does not exist.

Then I end up with this code in my deploy stack function:

That should save me a little time at least.

Now back to what I really want to be doing. Testing out our user’s ability to log into an EC2 instance with the key we created.

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