Asus and Noctua Reportedly Prep GeForce RTX 40-Series Boards

Asus and Noctua plan to introduce their new collaboratively designed GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards at CES, according to ChipHell. The boards will naturally feature cooling systems designed by Noctua as well as performance enhancements by Asus. The companies are expected to showcase the products at CES, though it is unclear when they are set to hit the market. 

The only thing we know about the upcoming GeForce RTX 40-series Noctua Edition graphics cards is that they will be based on the Ada Lovelace generation graphics processors and will use cooling systems developed by Noctua. We do not know whether the new coolers will keep using Noctua’s NF-A12x25 fans featured on the existing Noctua Edition graphics cards, though this is a possibility. We’ll have to test to see if these boards will be among the best graphics cards money can buy in the coming months. 

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