Art Deco Bathroom and Other Projects in 2022 | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | Dec, 2022

Lessons learned from my house and plans for the new year

My terrible attempt to draw out what I’m envisioning for the back of the house.
  • Not properly inspecting the floor joists before trying to move and install a toilet. The plumbers showed up and could not do their work until someone came out to move the joist which sat right where the toilet needed to be installed.
  • When I purchased a sink I asked the contractor to make sure it would fit. He said it would. It didn’t. It would have blocked the door. I had to quickly try to find and order a different sink. When I got the new sink I had to also get a different faucet. I am hoping that hiring an architect will avoid such problems in the future.
  • I got covid for three weeks because the carpenter showed up too soon after he had covid.
  • Our tile person got sick (not covid) and was in the hospital for over a week. He got sick again later.
  • The plumbers put in the sink pipes wrong. They would have stuck out from behind the pedestal sink instead of being behind it. They had to come back and move the pipes in the wall which means they had to remove some of the tile.
  • After the plumbers left, I sent them a photo showing them that the p-trap cover still did not cover the plastic. They failed to fix that as well, or so I thought. Initially the plumbers told me it was standard and to get a bigger p-trap cover.
  • I asked my contractor to get the new cover since I was now a bit homebound with the dog. After not getting any information on the state of the project I was worried that the plumbers, already scheduled, would show up again and the part would not be right. I had to ask him to show me a picture of it. After reiterating I wanted one just like the one I have but bigger multiple times — it was not even close. In my opinion, it was kind of ugly. I know. It’s a p-trap cover. I’m picky. But it wasn’t right.
  • I decided we could put some tile around the plastic to resolve the problem and use the existing p-trap cover because the plumbers were refusing to fix it. The tile person said it might work and he came out to take a look. Mind you, I had tried to get the tile person, plumber, and contractor all there together at the same time previously to avoid all of this. The plumbers declined and said it would be fine.
  • Then the tile person came back out to redo the tile and told me that p-trap pipe just wasn’t right and they should fix it.
  • Finally the plumbing company sent someone else out. I showed him the plastic. He started to tell me it was standard. I didn’t say anything. I walked over and pulled out the p-trap cover and stuck it on the plastic pipe and it didn’t fit. He said, “Oh, you have one of those.” He fixed it in like 15 minutes.
  • Then finally the tile guys could come back and finish the tile but did not finish the threshold that same day.
  • When I brought the electrician out, I didn’t buy a GFCI outlet. I had to reorder that and have him come back, but he had to come back for other things also so it din’t affect much.
  • In the middle of all this, I was taking a vacation and teaching a class, two things I scheduled after I expected all of this work to be complete. Now I was doing some serious schedule juggling. I couldn’t have people working in the house on the day I have classes so that disrupted the very end of the project.
  • When the tile guys came back to finish the threshold it was not done according to the specifications I gave the contractor (with photos). The person on-site could not resolve the problem. The other person said he could fix it.
  • When the plumbers came out to finally install the sink again the plumber on sight told me the faucet leaked and was faulty. We had to return and replace it.
  • After the plumbers left, a puddle appeared in the bathroom. They came back and said it was just water draining after installing the faucet.
  • The tile person came back to fix the threshold he didn’t have time or the proper materials to complete it, but that’s because by this time (weeks later) he had to look at it again to figure out how to fix it according to or at least close to specifications. At the same time he thankfully helped me hang the mirror, photo, an towel rack because I was nervous to drill into the tiles. Turns out you should drill into the grout if at all possible. Of course!
  • When the plumbers returned to install the new replacement faucet, the contractor had given us the wrong one so they couldn’t complete the work (after I asked them multiple times to verify they had the right part between the two of them before coming out).
  • The next day the correct faucet miraculously arrived. The contractor blamed the plumbing supply company but I wondered why he didn’t take the time to verify it was the correct faucet in the first place.
  • A different plumber from the plumbing company showed up. He installed the faucet in a short amount of time and left.
  • Later in the day, there was a puddle on the floor again. I texted him. He came back. As it turns out, one of the prior plumbers had installed the p-trap upside down apparently. The plumber fixed it and ran the water for five minutes and also fixed some other leak.
  • In the middle of this, I was stripping and sanding the trim and I got a sliver in my finger. Yes, a sliver. It went straight in and I could not get it out. I felt stupid but I called the doctor’s office. I rarely go to the doctor. I was only concerned as I was dealing with potential lead paint. They told me to come in. The doctor kept failing to show up before I had another cybersecurity consulting call so I had to leave and come back three times. Finally she worked at getting that out and I got a tetanus shot. Joy. I lost an entire day and I really needed that day to get the work done prior to a party. I was on a serious deadline.
  • The paint stripper…what a mess. It kind of worked by required multiple coats. While I was going back and forth to the doctor it dried out and I had to reapply. In the end when I think I got down to the last bit of oil paint it didn’t work at all. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to. I had to try to sand it off. I only did part of the trim. I didn’t have time to fix the drywall properly. I was soooo tired and my feet were killing me. I kept taking breaks and getting back up to finish.
  • I simply didn’t have time to finish everything before our event so I had to coerce my husband to help me with a few things. He is NOT a handyman and doesn’t like it but he is actually not too bad at it. He was annoyed with me and I had to spend time convincing him to help me with a few little pieces — but I couldn’t tell him why I needed to finish — it was a surprise party — for him!! So I got some help but it was not easy and took time to get it. He couldn’t understand why I was in such a rush. As it turns out, he put up the last piece in the bathroom — a grate over the fan, and we had barely showered and changed when the first guest arrived. The house was not perfectly clean, but luckily it was all family!
  • And today, December 27, the tile guy just left after fixing the threshold the way I wanted.

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