Arduino Lab addresses MCU-based MicroPython projects

Arduino Lab addresses MicroPython projects

We’re talking Arduino Lab for MicroPython, and it lives at It’s described as “a simple, cross-platform IDE for MicroPython that supports any board with a serial REPL interface”, which means it can also work with non-Arduino boards.

The team writes:

“We’ve created a partnership with OpenMV, which ported their computer vision oriented virtual machine to some of our products and enabled us to do incredible stuff with the Nicla Vision (for example).”

“Expanding on this initial experience we were lucky enough to partner with the creator of MicroPython, Damien George, to port the official the virtual machine to a number of Arduino products. You can find our code here. We’re sure you’ll going to love it!”

Note, however, that this it’s still an “experimental tool” and not an official product yet. Caveat emptor (but it’s free).

Arduino says it will be posting experimental tools there for people to try out and give feedback.

You can read more information on the Arduino website. And you can read more about the MCU-friendly language here, for which a port for the Raspberry Pi RP2040 has been created.

Funnily enough, I covered the launch of MicroPython here on Gadget Master back in 2013 – it was a KickStarter project, by one Damien George. (It bust its £15,000 goal by raising £97,803, by the way.)

See also: Gadget Book: Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico in MicroPython

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